Introducing Fanbase Flickz

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Creator Advisory Board

Furthering our commitment to providing equity and opportunity to content creators, these 23 members of the advisory board all have ownership in Fanbase. They will continue to guide the growth and development of Flickz and other Fanbase creator tools in the coming months ahead.


A Call of Support from VC’s and Angel Investors

These VC’s and Angel Investors have equally expressed the need for equity,
ownership and support for creators of color and black owned social media.
We ask that you join us in the further growth and development of Fanbase.

Strenghtening our Team and Strategy

Let’s create Together Let’s create Together

Bill Campbell

Music, Growth, and
Flickz Development Advisor

Bill Campbell is a Senior Executive with 30+ years of global expertise in Business Development, Operations, Strategic Planning, Business & Legal Affairs, and General Management.
He has in-depth industry experience in music, media, social, and entertainment markets. He previously served as advisor to TikTok and ByteDance helping scale and develop those companies.

We are happy to welcome him to the Fanbase Team.